I feel privileged to practice this beautiful profession. There is for me, nothing as fascinating as the body and mind of a horse!


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about me!

In my time as a rider,(practically my whole life 😬) i rode a lot of “special ones”.. I explicitly don’t use the word problem horses, because in my opinion all of them where just misunderstood by their previous riders. With a lot of patience, overthinking and bodywork they got back on the right track again.
This experience, together with the studies of course, helps me enormously with the treatment of the horses nowadays!
In my treatments i always try to explain to the owner some more about the body, mind and correct training of the horse.
Because in the end we all have 1 purpose.. to keep/make our horses happy and healthy!

I’m based in Holland, on a regular basis in Ireland,Belgium and happily travel anywhere!

Marieke Jager +31(0)638740481 Email: info@osteopathie-bodywork.nl

some before and after pictures

Barely can’t believe it myself that it’s the same horse but it truly is! On the left you see a overdeveloped left shoulder and withers. The right picture is after some treatments

crooked sacrum on the first picture, second picture is after the treatment

Something to think about…